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BBN International Limited
Clay House,

Telephone: 08453655061


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Business Description

As a specialist supplier of fibre optic instruments, devices and consumables to the telecom, datacom, offshore, aerospace, research and sensor markets:
You get help specifying solutions using our personal knowledge, on line technical information, Options Forms and Buyers Guides.
By keeping our overheads down and carefully selecting our Suppliers, you get the most competitive pricing.
Your solutions rely on our products and we ensure you get the right standards of technical and product quality.
The environment is important to us all and our Environmental Policy ensures we minimise our impact and encourage others to minimise theirs.
Partly to reduce cost and waste but mostly to deal with your enquiries efficiently and professionally, we use in-house developed software and database systems.

Business Products
10 gbps transceiver
1000base media converter
1000base sx media converter
1064nm collimators
1064nm combiners
1064nm devices
1064nm Faraday mirrors
1064nm fibre collimators
1064nm Free Space Isolators
1064nm high power polarisation insensitive isolators
1064nm high power polarisation maintaining isolators
1064nm In Line Polarisers
1064nm isolators
1064nm laser diodes
1064nm medium package high power polarisation insensitive isolators
1064nm PI isolators
1064nm PM circulators
1064nm PM collimators
1064nm pm couplers
1064nm PM Faraday mirrors
1064nm PM filter coupler
1064nm PM isolators
1064nm polarisation beam combiner
1064nm polarisation beam splitter
1064nm polarisation insensitive isolators
1064nm polarisation maintaining circulators
1064nm polarisation maintaining collimators
1064nm polarisation maintaining couplers
1064nm polarisation maintaining Faraday mirrors
1064nm polarisation maintaining filter coupler
1064nm polarisation maintaining isolators
1064nm small package high power polarisation insensitive isolators
1064nm small package high power polarisation maintaining isolators
1064nm splitters
10base t media converter
10G aggregation
10G card
10G ethernet
10G module
10G optical network
10G platform
10gbps transceiver
1310nm laser diodes
1330nm laser diodes
1350nm laser diodes
1370nm laser diodes
1390nm laser diodes
1410nm laser diodes
1430nm laser diodes
1450nm laser diodes
1470nm laser diodes
1490nm laser diodes
1510nm laser diodes
1530nm laser diodes
1550nm laser diodes
1570nm laser diodes
1590nm laser diodes
1610nm laser diodes
1x2 optical switch
1x9 optical transceiver
2 channel laser systems
2 wavelength laser systems
2000nm circulators
2000nm components
2000nm devices
2000nm fiber optic
2000nm fibre optic
2000nm isolators
2000nm polarisers
2000nm WDMs
2um circulators
2um components
2um devices
2um fiber optic
2um fibre optic
2um isolators
2um polarisers
2um WDMs
2x12 transceiver
2μm circulators
2μm components
2μm devices
2μm fiber optic
2μm fibre optic
2μm isolators
2μm polarisers
2μm WDMs
3 channel laser system
3 wavelength laser system
3 window coupler
375nm laser diodes
3D connector measurement
3D end face
3-port circulator
4 port reflectors
405nm laser diodes
405nm laser system
440nm laser diodes
445nm laser diodes
450nm laser diodes
473nm laser diodes
488nm laser diodes
4-port circulator
635nm laser diodes
637nm laser diodes
640nm laser diodes
642nm laser diodes
650nm laser diodes
658nm laser diodes
660nm laser diodes
670nm laser diodes
671nm laser diodes
675nm laser diodes
685nm laser diodes
690nm laser diodes
705nm laser diodes
730nm laser diodes
780nm laser diodes
785nm laser diodes
792nm laser diodes
80µm Reduced Cladding Devices
808nm laser diodes
830nm laser diodes
840nm laser diodes
850nm laser diodes
860nm laser diodes
870nm laser diodes
880nm laser diodes
905nm laser diodes
915nm laser diodes
940nm laser diodes
980nm laser diodes
Add/Drop Module
Advanced Fiber Resources
advanced fused fibre devices
Advanced Laser Diode Systems
advanced multi mode devices
advanced multimode devices
AFL Telecommunications
aggregation module
Agilent instruments
Agilent OTDRs
agiltron fibre optic switch
agiltron optical switch
agiltron switch
Amplified spontaneous emission
amplified spontaneous emission filters
analog laser diode modules
analog laser diodes
anti-reflective coatings
apex offset
arc fusion splicer
armoured couplers
armoured fibre cable
armoured fibre optic cable
armoured optical cable
armoured optical fibre
armoured patch cords
ASE broadband light source
ASE filters
ase light source
ase modules
ASE source
asymmetric optical interleaver
band optical circulator
band pass filters
Bi directional transceiver
bidi transceiver
bidirectional optical transceiver
bidirectional optical transceiver
bit error rate tester
booster edfa
bragg grating sensor
broadband fibre optic switch
broadband high stability light source
Broadband light source
broadband optical switch
C & L Band Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexers
C and L band WDMs
C Band Red/Blue Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexers
C Band Red/Blue WDMs
C mount laser diodes
cable tv amplifier
catv edfa
cladding alignment
Cladding alignment fusion splicer
Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexers
Coarse WDM Modules
Coarse WDMs
coaxial illumination fibre microscope
compact 4 channel CWDM
compact 8 channel cwdm
compact edfa
compact fiber splicer
compact fiber splicers
compact fibre splicer
compact fibre splicers
compact fusion splicer
compact fusion splicers
compact splitters
compact WDMs
connector 2D analysis
connector assemblies
connector care
connector cleaners
connector interferometer
connector repolishers
connector surface finish
connector surface form
converters for building installations
core alignment
Core alignment fusion splicer
Coretech Fibre Optics
crystalatch fibre optic switch
crystalatch optical switch
crystalatch switch
cwdm demultiplexer
cwdm demux/mux
cwdm edfa
CWDM laser diodes
cwdm module
CWDM Modules
cwdm multiplexer
cwdm mux/demux
cwdm sfp transceiver
cwdm system
cwdm transceiver
Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer
Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer Modules
Dense WDM Module
Dense WDMs
dfb laser diode
dichroic beam splitters
dichroic filters
diode laser modules
diode pumped solid state lasers
dispatch cable
dispersion compensating modules
dispersion compensation
dispersion compensation modules
displacement sensor
distributed pressure sensor
distributed temperature sensing
distributed temperature sensor
DPSK demodulator
DQPSK demodulator
dual channel laser systems
dual illumination fibre microscope
dual wavelength laser systems
dual window coupler
dual window couplers
dwdm edfa
dwdm module
dwdm multiplexer
dwdm system
dynamic roadm
dynamically reconfigurable optical add drop module
E1/IP multiplexer
EDFA module
electro optic switch
electro optical fibre optic switch
electro optical switch
emitor EFS-150
emitor fiber splicer
emitor fiber splicers
emitor fibre splicer
emitor fibre splicers
emitor fusion splicer
emitor fusion splicers
emitor splicer
emitor splicers
end face radius of curvature
end face roughness
End face video inspector
endface video inspector
enterprise access
enterprise network
enterprise network systems
enterprise networks
erbium amplifier
erbium doped amplifier
erbium doped fiber amplifier
erbium doped fibre amplifier
erbium fibre amplifier
ethernet bridge
Ethernet converters
ethernet media converter
ethernet optical transceiver
ethernet to fiber converter
ethernet to fiber media converter
faraday mirror
Faraday mirrors
fast ethernet converter
fast ethernet media converter
fast ethernet switch
fast fibre optic switch
fast fusion splicer
fast fusion splicers
fast optical switch
FBG data loggers
FBG interrogator
fbg pressure sensor
FBG scanners
fbg sensor
fbg strain sensor
fbg temperature sensor
Ferrule Mate
fiber beam combiner
fiber bragg grating interrogator
fiber bragg grating sensor
fiber bragg grating temperature sensor
fiber coupled laser diodes
fiber current sensor
fiber fusion splicer
Fiber optic converters
fiber optic convertor
fiber optic demodulator
fiber optic DPSK
fiber optic DQPSK
fiber optic ethernet converter
fiber optic fusion
fiber optic interleaver
fiber optic media converter
fiber optic sensor
fiber optic sensors
fiber optic splitter
fiber optic tester
fiber splicer
fiber to the kerb
fiber to the premises
fiber transceiver
fiber transceiver
FiBO 250
FiBO Code
fibre adhesive curing heaters
fibre amplifier
fibre AR coatings
fibre array
fibre array polishing holders
fibre borehole deformation systems
fibre bragg grating interrogator
fibre Bragg grating monitors
fibre care tool kits
fibre cleavers
fibre connector cleaners
fibre connector repolishers
fibre coupled laser diodes
fibre displacement sensor
fibre end face interferometer
fibre end processing
fibre end shaping
fibre epoxy curing heaters
fibre epoxy curing ovens
fibre humidity sensor
fibre inclinometer
fibre inspection devices
fibre lensing
fibre load cell sensors
fibre media converter
fibre media converter series
fibre metallisation
fibre microscope
Fibre optic converters
fibre optic current sensor
fibre optic demodulator
fibre optic displacement sensor
fibre optic distributed sensing
fibre optic DPSK
fibre optic DQPSK
fibre optic end face inspector
Fibre optic filter devices
fibre optic fusion splicer
fibre optic inspector
fibre optic interleaver
fibre optic microscopes
fibre optic patch leads
Fibre optic patch panels
fibre optic polisher
fibre optic polisher machine
fibre optic polishing machine
fibre optic pressure sensor
fibre optic QPSK
fibre optic sensor
fibre optic sensors
Fibre Optic Splitter Module
fibre optic strain
fibre optic strain sensor
fibre optic switch
Fibre Optic Switches
fibre optic switches
fibre optic temperature
fibre optic temperature sensor
fibre optic tester
fibre optic transceivers
fibre optic transceivers
Fibre polisher
fibre polishing fluids
Fibre polishing machine
fibre polishing pads
fibre pressure sensors
fibre protrusion
fibre recoater
fibre sensors
fibre strain cable
fibre strain sensors
fibre stress sensors
fibre temperature sensors
fibre termination
fibre termination components
fibre termination equipment
fibre termination systems
fibre to the kerb
fibre to the premises
fibre tool kits
fibre undercut
fibre video inspector
Fibreoptic Switch
field light sources
field network link tester
field OPMs
field optical power meters
field OTDRs
field polarimeter
field polarisation synthesiser
field transceiver tester
field wavelength power meter
filter couplers
filter cwdm
filter devices
filter multi mode splitter
filter multi mode wdm
filter triplexer
filter wdm
flexible armoured cable
fluorescence filters
fsm 50s
FTTH architecture
ftth cable
FTTH network
FTTH products
FTTH splitters
FTTP splitters
FTTX splitters
fujikura 50s
fujikura arc fusion splicer
fujikura fiber splicer
fujikura fsm 40s
fujikura fsm 50s
fujikura fsm 60s
fujikura fusion splicer
fujikura fusion splicers
fujikura splicemate
fujikura splicer
fujikura splicers
full function edfa
fused couplers
fused single mode fibre tilt filter
fused single mode tilt filter
fused sm tilt filter
fused splitter
fusion splicers
fusion splicing
gain block edfa
Gbic transceiver
Gigabit converters
gigabit ethernet bridge
gigabit ethernet converter
gigabit ethernet media converter
gigabit fiber converter
gigabit media converter
gigabit multimode extender
gpon FTTH
gpon OLT
gpon technology
handheld fibre microscope
handheld light sources
handheld network link tester
handheld OPMs
handheld optical power meters
handheld OTDRs
handheld polarimeter
handheld polarisation synthesiser
Handheld power meter
handheld transceiver tester
handheld wavelength power meter
high band isolation wdm
high isolation wdm
High power ASE source
high power fibre optic switch
high power isolator
high power laser
high power laser diode
high power laser diode systems
high power laser diodes
high power optical isolator
high power optical isolators
high power optical switch
high power polarisation insensitive isolator core
high precision fibre processing
high reliability fibre optic switch
high reliability optical switch
high speed fibre optic switch
high speed optical switch
high speed polarisation controller
high speed tof
high speed tunable filter
high speed tunable optical filter
high speed tuneable filter
high speed tuneable optical filter
high speed variable optical attenuator
high speed voa
high volume fibre polisher
hubs and converters
hubs bridges switches
hybrid devices
hybrid taps
in line Faraday rotators
in line polarisers
independent pressure control
Industrial network
Inline optical modules
inline optical power monitor
inline power monitor
inline wavelength monitor
inline wavelength power meter
inline wavelength power monitor
integrated management
interference filters
interferometric end face measurement
Isolator & WDM Hybrids
isolator core
isolator tap
isolator/WDM hybrids
laser diode module
laser fp
laser light sources
laser modules
lc fibre termination
LCD attenuators
LCD polarisation controllers
LCD retarders
LED & laser light sources
LED light sources
lensed fibres
light engine optics
lightbend fibre optic switch
lightbend optical switch
lightbend switch
lightwaves 2020 fibre optic switch
lightwaves 2020 optical switch
lightwaves 2020 switch
liquid crystal attenuators
liquid crystal polarisation controllers
liquid crystal retarders
magneto optical switch
mass fibre fusion splicers
mass fusion splicer
Mass fusion splicers
mechanical fibre optic switch
mechanical optical switch
Mechanical splicer
media converter 1000baset
media converters
media convertor
mems fibre optic switch
mems optical switch
Microsens 10G platform
Microsens enterprise access
Microsens enterprise access network
Microsens enterprise access optical network
Microsens enterprise platform
mini edfa
mini fibre optic circulators
mini OTDRs
mini polarimeter
miniature fibre optic switch
miniature optical switch
MM coaxial laser diodes
mm combiner
MM coupled laser diodes
mm fibre combiner
MM laser diodes
MM pigtailed laser diodes
mm transceiver
Modular CWDM/DWDM system
modular multiplexer
monolithic couplers
monolithic mm couplers
monolithic mm splitters
monolithic splitters
msa compliant edfa
MT polishers
MT polishing
multi channel variable optical attenuators
multi channel VOAs
multi function optical test system
multi mode combiner
multi mode devices
multi mode fibre combiner
multi mode monolithic couplers
multi mode monolithic splitters
multi mode OTDRs
multi mode pi isolators
multi mode polarisation insensitive isolators
multi mode power combiners
Multi mode transceiver
multi mode wdms
multi port converters
multifunction 8 channel c/dwdm modular multiplexer
multimode coupler
multimode devices
multi-mode laser diodes
multimode media converter
multimode pi isolators
multi-mode pigtailed laser diodes
multimode polarisation insensitive isolators
multimode singlemode converter
multimode transceiver
multimode wdms
nanospeed fibre optic switch
nanospeed optical switch
network link tester
network management
network management software
network switches
non linear passive devices
Noyes OTDRs
nxm couplers
nxm splitters
oblique illumination fibre microscope
optic fibre sensing
optical adaptors
optical add/drop multiplexer
optical amplifier
optical amplifiers
Optical attenuators
optical bandpass filter
optical bandpass filters
optical bit error rate tester
Optical booster
Optical bridges
Optical channel monitor
optical circulators
optical coating
optical coatings
optical components
optical connector
optical connector parts
optical coupler
optical couplers
optical crossbar
optical current sensor
optical diplexer modules
optical displacement sensor
optical edge filters
optical electric field sensors
optical fibre assemblies
optical fibre end shaping
optical fibre sensor
optical fibre sensors
optical filters
optical fusion splicer
Optical gain block
optical gain flattening filters
Optical hubs
optical hybrid
optical interleaver
optical isolators
Optical network link tester
optical network modules
optical networking
optical networks
optical performance monitor
optical PIN-TIA modules
Optical power meter
optical power meters
Optical power monitor
optical preamps
optical sensor
optical sensor analysers
optical sensors
optical splitter
optical strain gauge
optical strain measurement
optical strain sensor
optical sub assemblies
optical sub assembly
Optical Switches
Optical switches
optical temperature sensor
optical terminators
Optical test platform
optical time domain reflectometers
Optical transceiver
optical transceiver
optical transceiver
Optical wavelength monitor
Optical wavelength tester
opto mechanical fibre optic switch
opto mechanical optical switch
opto mechanical switch
otdr testing
other advanced passive devices
passive mux/demux
patch cords
PDH multiplexer
PDH multiplexer system
PI circulators
PI mini circulators
PI tap isolators
Picosecond diode laser
picosecond diodes
picosecond laser diode systems
picosecond laser diodes
picosecond laser pulse
picosecond lasers
picosecond pulsed diode laser
pigtailed laser diodes
planar lightwave circuit
planar lightwave circuit splitters
planar lightwave splitters
plastic fibre devices
plastic optical fibre
PLC optical splitter
PLC splitter
PLC splitters
pluggable edfa
pm circulator
PM circulators
PM coaxial laser diodes
PM collimators
PM combiners
PM coupled laser diodes
PM couplers
PM devices
PM Faraday mirrors
pm fibre optic switch
PM filter coupler
pm fusion splicers
PM hybrids
PM isolators
pm optical switch
PM passive devices
PM patch cord
PM pigtailed laser diodes
PM RC couplers
PM RC filter couplers
PM RC isolators
PM splitters
pm switch
pof devices
polarisation beam combiner
polarisation beam combiners
polarisation beam splitters
polarisation controller
polarisation controllers
polarisation insensitive
polarisation insensitive circulators
polarisation insensitive mini circulators
polarisation insensitive tap isolators
polarisation maintaining circulators
polarisation maintaining collimators
polarisation maintaining combiners
polarisation maintaining couplers
polarisation maintaining devices
polarisation maintaining DWDMs
polarisation maintaining Faraday mirrors
polarisation maintaining fibre optic switch
polarisation maintaining filter couplers
Polarisation maintaining fusion splicers
polarisation maintaining hybrids
polarisation maintaining isolators
polarisation maintaining optical switch
polarisation maintaining passive devices
polarisation maintaining patch cord
polarisation maintaining RC isolators
polarisation maintaining splitters
polarisation maintaining switch
polarisation maintaining WDMs
polarisation synthesiser
polishing films
polishing holders
pon transceivers
portable fibre end face inspector
portable fibre microscope
portable fibre optic instruments
portable fibre sensor analysers
Portable fusion splicers
portable light sources
portable network link tester
portable OPMs
portable optical power meters
portable OTDRs
portable polarimeter
portable polarisation synthesiser
portable video inspector
portable wavelength power meter
power laser diodes
pre amp edfa
precision fibre cleavers
profile alignment
protocol/interface converter
pulsed laser diode
Pumped solid state lasers
QPSK mixer
raman filters
RC collimator
RC Faraday mirror
RC polarisation insensitive isolators
receiver optical sub assembly
reconfigurable add drop module
reconfigurable oadm
reconfigurable optical add drop module
reconfigurable optical adm
reduced cladding collimator
reduced cladding Faraday mirror
reduced cladding polarisation maintaining couplers
reduced cladding polarisation maintaining WDMs
reduced cladding WDMs
Repair Mate
ribbon fibre splicers
RS232 fibre converter
sc fibre termination
SC shuttered connector
seiko giken
Seikoh Giken
sensor interrogation systems
sensor monitors
sensor optical switch
Sff transceiver
sfp 550
sfp 70d2
sfp cwdm
sfp fiber optic transceiver
sfp media converter
sfp optical
sfp optical transceiver
Sfp transceiver
shuttered connector
single fibre fusion splicers
single mode broadband couplers
single mode broadband splitters
single mode dual window couplers
single mode dual window wavelength flattened coupler
single mode dual window wideband tree couplers
single mode fiber media converter
single mode laser diodes
single mode media converter
single mode monolithic couplers
single mode monolithic splitters
single mode narrowband splitters
single mode OTDRs
single mode pigtailed laser diodes
single mode standard coupler
single mode tilt filter
single mode to multimode converter
single mode to multimode fibre converter
single mode to multimode media converter
Single mode transceiver
single mode WDMs
single mode wideband tree coupler
single to multimode converter
singlemode transceiver
SM broadband couplers
sm broadband splitters
SM coaxial laser diodes
SM coupled laser diodes
sm couplers
sm dual window couplers
SM dual window wavelength flattened couplers
sm dual window wideband tree couplers
SM laser diodes
sm monolithic couplers
sm monolithic splitters
sm narrowband splitters
SM pigtailed laser diodes
sm standard coupler
sm tilt filter
sm transceiver
SM wideband tree coupler
Small fusion splicers
smallest splicers
snmp management module
solid state fibre optic switch
solid state optical switch
Spectral Eye
splice connectors
Splice Mate
splice on connector
splice on connectors
splicing tool kits
standard & compact splitters
standard splitters
star opto
Star Optoelectronics
strain gauge
strain sensor
sumitomo fusion splicer
tap/isolator/WDM hybrids
Telecom patch panel
thin film coating
thin film filter
thin film filters
three window coupler
TO18 laser diodes
TO3 laser diodes
TO5 laser diodes
token ring media converter
token ring to ethernet converter
Transceiver tester
transmitter optical sub assembly
transparent gigabit media converter
tree broadband coupler modules
tree couplers
triple channel laser systems
triple wavelength laser systems
tunable edge filter
tunable filter
tunable optical filter
tunable optical filters
tuneable edge filter
tuneable filter
tuneable optical filter
ultra compact edfa
ultra fast photo detectors
ultra high reliability optical devices
ultra stable broadband light source
underwater armoured optical cable
variable optical attenuator
variable optical attenuators
variable optical time delay
variable otd
video fibre scope
video optical multiplexer
video/audio optical transmitter/receiver
view safe video microscope
wavelength flattened couplers
wavelength power meter
wavelength pump combiners
wdm edfa
wdm isolator
WDM laser diodes
wdm transceiver
wide band coupler
wide band variable optical attenuator
wide band voa
wideband coupler
wideband edfa
wideband variable optical attenuator
wideband voa
xenpak 10Gb
xenpak transceiver
xfp 10glr oc192sr
xfp optical transceiver
XFP transceiver
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