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Zenitel (UK) Limited
Unit 3,
Baird Cl,
West Sussex
RH10 9XE

Telephone: 01293545911


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Business Description

TETRA terminaler til Danmarks beredskabsnet SINE, Præsentation af nye Motorola P165 og P185 analoge radioer. , Bredt program af radioer, , Distributed Antenna System, Spesialdesignede løsninger som tilfredsstiller alle sikkerhetskrav., building, security, communication, airport references, Parking references, Industry, STENTOFON Software Developoment Kit, Network Management, AlphaCom XE1, AlphaCom XE7 is an audio server which supports 552 IP intercom stations and 36 analog intercom stations with SIM card based software configuration and disaster recovery. , AlphaCom XE20 is an intercom exchange made to provide critical communication in any environment., AlphaCom XE26, Exchanges, Analogue Desktop Stations, Dual Display Station, desktop stations, IP flush master station, Turn your PC into an intercom., Control room master IV, control center stations, IP Flush Master Station, Typical application areas for these intercom stations are hospitals, airports, stores and warehouses, factory shop floors and nurseries., The station front plate is totally flat and without any holes to minimize bacteria accumulation., Hygienic, easily to clean and sterilize white Mylar covered faceplate., This station is designed for ease of operation and excellent voice quality., Wallmount stations, IP Vandal Resistant Substations, The Vandal Resistant Substation is tough, durable and resilient, and is designed for use in harsh environments., Tamper Resistant Substation, Tamper & Vandal Resistant Substations, Cell Station - One button , Cell Station - Five buttons, Prison and Correctional Stations, Light Industrial Master Station, Heavy Duty Industrial Master Station, Noise Cancelling Industrial Station, Heavy Duty Industrial Sub Stations, Heavy Duty Analogue Telephone, Heavy duty master station, industrial telephone, The STENTOFON Hot Line Station, Handset is a splash proof model designed for humid, dirty and outdoor conditions., DECT Handsets, IP DECT Base 300, IP DECT Server 6000, IP DECT Cordless, Station Kits, Store and play audio messages from the AlphaCom XE Server., Public Address, Telephone Gateways, GSM Gateway, System Management Software, Billing, Desk/Wall Master Stations, Clean Room Station, Industrial Master Stations, Tamper Resistant Sub-Stations - Outdoor, Tamper Resistant Sub-Stations - Indoor, Indoor Substations, Multipurpose Unit, Pro700 is an exchangeless intercom system with up to 40 subscribers., Talk Through Glass, spare parts, repairs, maintenance contracts, refit solutions, Zenitel presents STENTOFON at IFSEC, STENTOFON analogue and digital (VoIP), state-of-the-art intercom solutions provide a highly dependable platform for critical communication., Zenitel Marine develops innovative solutions in close cooperation with classification societies, yards and owners, Zenitel Marine offers considerable experience and expertise in advanced integrated Marine Data and Communication, CCTV and Entertainment systems. , Zenitel Marine develops innovative solutions in close cooperation with classification societies, yards and owners., VINGTOR solutions are Fit for Purpose with user-friendly interfaces, and offer excellent speech quality. , 100 V speaker loops, Type approved integrated telephony, PA and GA, Based on IP technology, VINGTOR’s ACM Advanced Integrated solution offers a complete integrated system for communication., Together with VINGTOR Internal Communication Systems, the CCTV solutions provide a complete solution for remote operations including video and audio. , The VINGTOR Talkback system is a command communication system based on one or multiple operator panels., An integrated communication system will leave you prepared for an emergency and will ensure more lives can be saved at sea. , Enjoy an extensive list of TV channels, radio, DVD’s, read e-mails and use a PC via TV, receive wake-up calls, play video games (predefined), view nine web pages and have the benefit of functionalities in a choice of six languages., Wired for the future and extends the life time of your network investment., A complete system for Communication, Data, Safety and Entertainment., The VINGTOR ACM GSM Media Gateway makes it possible to make external calls using GSM., VINGTOR Infrastructure for the marine environment., Zenitel Marine is a world leading expert on integrated marine data and communication systems., Batteryless emergency telephone consisting of up to 12 main stations with selector switch for selective calling between all connected stations., Independent of the vessels power supply and fulfils the demands for emergency communication between vital positions on board., ATEX approved batteryless emergency telephone., The modern version of the traditional Sound Powered telephone. , An acoustical electronic navigational aid that enables the officer on watch at a “Closed bridge” according to SOLAS, to hear environmental sound signals from other ships or foghorns., The system can be delivered for 5 or 10 substations lines, and operate on 24 VDC., The system can be delivered for 10 substations lines, and operate on 24 VDC., The system is typically used to coordinate activities in a work group – when it is important that the members in the group can hear all the conversations., The CTB-100 Talk-back system includes loudhailing and is based on one central unit, up to 4 main operator panels, one 100 V power amplifier and a wide range of substations made for marine usage and environment., Common equipment for ETB/CTB are described in the datasheets below and in the VINGTOR Product Catalogue., A command communication system based on one operator unit/panel, and a wide range of substations., This intercom system does not use a central exchange. All stations are individually programmable and powered from a central power supply. , This system offers a set of standard and optional features which covers the equirements for a marine PA and general alarm systems for all type of ships., The IP DECT 6000 System provides wide area coverage. The systems support up to 256 base stations., The VINGTOR IP DECT 300 System is an integrated part of the VINGTOR ACM systems, The handsets has a very high battery capacity. The display provides calling information (calling number presentation). The phones can be equipped with noise cancelling headsets to provide comfortable usage in noisy environments., 112 different alarms, web browser-based configuration tool, text messages with 36 characters, 15 different alarm signals, flexible time-out between 0.1 – 2250 sec, repetition of alarms in intervals from 1 - 2550 sec, The Leaky Cable Solution is ideal for deployment in below Main Deck areas., Wireless communications on board ships, Featuring the latest developments such as high capacity line cards, remote management and maintenance using IP and Web technologies as well as VoIP gateways. , Supports a wide range of traditional, IP and wireless communication terminals made for ship environment., A complete system for Communication, Data, Safety and Entertainment, Audio messaging makes group call broadcasting easier., The VINGTOR Billing application makes it possible to control the communication fees and expenses for your VINGTOR ACM system., A complete integrated system for Communication, Data, Safety and Entertainment. , A wide range traditional, IP and wireless terminals made for ship environment., Providing UHF wireless paging coverage on-board the entire vessel., Accuracy +/- 0.1 sec./24 hours, Wide range of different slave clocks (digital, 65, Ex-proof, etc.), The Basic Satellite Systems includes a gyro and GPS motion controlled satellite antenna made for the marine environment. , Includes central equipment and TV/radio outlets to distribute the TV and radio signals over a Coax network., The VINGTOR IPTV system is a complete integrated digital entertainment system for maritime use., Total IPTV system with a scalable number of satellite TV/Radio channels for maritime use., Entertainment System, Analog CCTV, IP CCTV, By fully integrating with CCTV systems, VINGTOR provides complete video and audio surveillance on every part of the ship as required., Hospital and Ref

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Computers & Internet > Telecomms > Intercom Systems

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