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The MyIndex directory contains a wide range of businesses in the manufacturers by product category.


Abrasive Products - Manufacturers & Distributors
Accumulators, Primary Cells & Primary Battery Manufacturers
Adhesive Tapes
Adhesives, Glues & Sealant Manufacturers & Distributors
Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers
Air & Gas Compressor Manufacturers
Air Conditioning Equipment & Systems
Air Purification Equipment
Air, Heating & Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers
Aircraft & Spacecraft Manufacturers
Aluminium Casting Manufacturers
Aluminium Extruded Product Manufacturers
Aquarium & Vivarium Tank & Accessory Manufacturers
Artificial Flowers & Shrubs
Auto & Apparel Trimming Manufacturers
Auto Parts Manufacturing
Bag Manufacturers
Bags, Belts & Accessories Manufacturers & Suppliers
Bakery Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers
Bathroom Fixtures - Manufacturers
Battery Manufacturers & Suppliers
Bearing Manufacturers
Bearings, Gears, Gearing & Driving Manufacturers
Bed & Mattress Manufacturers
Belt Manufacturers
Belting Manufacturers
Bicycle Manufacturers
Biscuit Manufacturers
Blast Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers
Boiler Manufacturers
Bottle Manufacturers & Suppliers
Brake & Clutch Manufacturers
Brass & Copper Manufacturers & Suppliers
Brassware Manufacturers
Brick Manufacturers
Brooms & Brush Manufacturers
Brush & Broom Manufacturers
Builders Tools & Equipment Manufacturers
Button Manufacturers
Cable & Wire Suppliers & Manufacturers
Can Manufacturers
Candle Manufacturers & Suppliers
Canvas & Related Products Manufacturers
Car Manufacturers
Car Paint & Lacquer Manufacturers & Suppliers
Carbon Paper & Ribbon Manufacturers
Carpet & Rug Manufacturers
Case Manufacturers
Cash Register Manufacturers & Distributors
Cathode Ray Tv Picture Tube Manufacturers
Cement Manufacturers & Distributors
Ceramic Household Goods Manufacturers
Ceramic Tile Manufacturers
Ceramics Manufacturers, Supplies & Services
Chain Manufacturers & Distributors
Chairing & Seating Manufacturers
Chemical Manufacturers
Chemical Preparation Manufacturers
Chemicals & Chemical Product Manufacturers
Children & Babywear Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Childrens Blouse & Dress Manufacturers
China & Glassware Manufacturers & Repairs
Clothing & Accessories Manufacturers
Clothing & Fabrics Manufacturers
Clothing Accessory Manufacturers
Cocoa Chocolate & Sugar Confectionery Manufacturers
Coffin Manufacturers
Commercial Vehicle Component Manufacturers
Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers
Compressor Manufacturers
Concrete Brick & Block Manufacturers
Concrete Manufacturers & Distributors
Control Panel Manufacturers
Control System Equipment
Cooling & Ventilation Equipment Manufacturers
Cordage, Rope, Twine & Netting Manufacturers
Cork & Straw Manufacturers
Corrugated & Solid Fibre Box Mfrs
Corrugated Paper & Containers Manufacturers
Cosmetic Manufacturers
Costume Jewellery Manufacturers
Crane Manufacturers
Curtain & Drapery Manufacturers
Cutlery Manufacturers
Cutlery Manufacturers & Suppliers
Cycle Accessories Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Dental Equipment & Supplies Manufacturers
Diamond Tool Manufacturers
Die-cut Paper & Cardboard Manufacturers
Disability Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers
Door Manufacturers
Dust Extraction Plant & Equipment Manufacturers
Dye & Pigment Manufacturers
Electric Domestic Appliances Manufacturers
Electric Houseware & Fan Manufacturers
Electric Motor Manufacturers
Electric Motors, Generators & Transformer Manufacturers
Electrical Machinery & Apparatus Manufacturers
Electrical Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers
Electricity Distribution & Control Apparatus Manufacturers
Electronic Component Manufacturers
Electronic Component Manufacturers & Distributors
Electronic Equipment Manufacturers & Assemblers
Electronic Equipment, Component & Instrument Manufacture
Electronic Industrial Process Control Equipment Manufacturers
Electronic Instrument Manufacturers
Electronic Valves & Tubes Manufacturers
Engine Component Manufacturers
Engine Manufacturers & Distributors
Engineering & Scientific Equipment Manufacturers
Engines & Turbine Manufacturers
Envelope Manufacturers
Fabricated Metal Product Manufacture
Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturers
Fabricated Plate Work Manufacturers
Fabricated Rubber Product Manufacturers
Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturers
Fabricated Textile Product Manufacturers
Fabricated Wire Product Manufacturers
Factories & Manufacturing
Fan & Blower Manufacturers
Fasteners, Screw Machine Products, Chains & Springs Manufacturers
Feather & Artificial Tree & Flower Manufacturers
Felt & Felt Products Manufacturers
Fertilizers & Nitrogen Compound Manufacturers
Filter Manufacturers & Suppliers
Firework Technicians Manufacturers & Distributors
Fishing & Angling Equipment - Manufacturers & Distributors
Flat Glass Manufacturers
Floor Cleaning & Polishing Equipment - Manufacturers & Distributors
Floorcoverings Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Flow Measurement Systems - Manufacturers
Food Colouring, Flavouring & Additive Manufacturers & Distributors
Food Product Manufacturers
Food Products - Manufacturers
Food, Beverage & Tobacco Manufacturers
Food, Beverage & Tobacco Processing Manufacturers
Footwear Manufacturers
Footwear Manufacturers & Wholesale
Frozen Specialty Manufacturers
Furnaces & Furnace Burner Manufacturers
Furniture & Fixture Manufacturers
Furniture Manufacturers
Furniture Manufacturers Home & Office
Games & Toy Manufacturers
Garden & Patio Furniture Manufacturers & Distributors
Garden Equipment Manufacturers
Garden Ornament Manufacturers
Gate Manufacturers
Gauge Manufacturers & Distributors
General Manufacturers
General Purpose Machinery Manufacturers
Giftware Manufacturers
Glass Container Manufacturers
Glass Fibre Manufacturers
Glass Fibre Moulding Materials & Manufacturers
Glass Products Manufacturers
Glove Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Glues & Gelatine Manufacturers
Gum & Resin Manufacturers & Distributors
Hand Tool Manufacturers
Hardware Manufacturers
Hat & Cap Manufacturers
Hi-fi Equipment Manufacturers & Distributors
Hollow Glass Manufacturers
Homefurnishing Manufacturers
Homogenised Food Preparations & Dietetic Food Manufacturers
Horticultural Equipment Manufacturers & Distributors
Hosiery Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Housefurnishing Manufacturers
Household Door Manufacturers
Household Furniture Manufacturers
Household Textiles Manufacturers
Hydraulic Systems & Equipment Manufacturers
Hygiene & Sanitary Appliance Manufacturers
Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert Manufacturers
Industrial Control Manufacturers
Industrial Door Manufacturers
Industrial Equipment Manfucturers & Assemblers
Industrial Inorganic Chemicals Manufacturers
Industrial Instrument & Apparatus Manufacturers
Industrial Machinery Manufacturers
Industrial Process Control Equipment Manufacture
Industrial Process Control Equipment Manufacturers
Industrial Valve & Pipefitting Manufacturers
Industry Machinery Manufacturers
Insulated Wire & Cable Manufacturers
Internal Combustion Engine Manufacturers
Invalid Carriage Manufacturers
Iron & Steel & Ferro-alloy Manufacturers
Jewellery & Precious Metal Manufacturers
Jewellery Manufacturers
Jewellery Manufacturers & Repairers
Joinery Manufacturers
Kitchen Furniture Manufacturers
Knitted & Crocheted Clothing Manufacturers
Knitted & Crocheted Sweaters Manufacturers
Knitting Yarn Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Knitwear Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Lace Manufacturers
Ladder Manufacturers
Lampshade Manufacturers & Distributors
Laundry Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers
Leather Clothes Manufacturers
Leather Garments Manufacturers & Suppliers
Leather Products Manufacturers & Suppliers
Lift & Escalator Manufacturers
Lifting & Handling Equipment Manufacturers
Lighting Equipment & Electric Lamp Manufacturers
Lighting Equipment & Lamps Manufacturers
Lighting Manufacturers
Lime Manufacturers
Linen Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Lingerie & Hosiery Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Lock Suppliers & Manufacturers
Locks & Hinge Manufacturers
Lubricant Manufacturers & Distributors
Machine Tools - Manufacturers & Distributors
Machine Tools Manufacturers
Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers
Made Up Glass Product Manufacturers
Malt Beverage Manufacturers
Manhole Cover Manufacturers & Distributors
Manufacture Electrical Equipment
Manufacture & Processing Of Other Glass
Manufacture Agricultural & Forestry Machines
Manufacture Bearings, Gears, Gear Etc.
Manufacture builders carpentry & joinery
Manufacture Chemical Products
Manufacture Cocoa, Chocolate, Confectionery
Manufacture Computers & Process Equipment
Manufacture Concrete Goods For Construction
Manufacture Electric Motors, Generators Etc.
Manufacture Electrical Equipment
Manufacture Electricity Distribution Etc.
Manufacture Fabricated Metal Products
Manufacture fasteners, screw, chains etc.
Manufacture of Ceramic Products
Manufacturing Industries
Marine Engineering Equipment Manufacturers
Marking Device Manufacturers
Marquee Manufacturers
Mastics & Sealants Manufacturers
Measuring Instrument Manufacturers
Medical & Orthopaedic Manufacturers
Medical & Precision Instrument Manufacturers
Medical & Surgical Equipment & Orthopaedic Manufacturers
Medical Equipment Manufacturers
Mens & Boys Clothing Manufacturers
Mens & Boys Neckwear Manufacturers
Mens & Boys Shirt & Pyjama Manufacturers
Mens & Boys Work Clothing Manufacturers
Mens Footwear Manufacturers
Metal Carpentry Manufacturers
Metal Cutting Machine Tool Manufacturers
Metal Office Furniture Manufacturers
Metal Stamping Manufacturers
Metal Structures & Parts Manufacturers
Metal Work Manufacturers
Millinery Manufacturers & Wholesalers
Mineral Manufacturers
Mineral Product Manufacturers
Minerals Manufacturers
Mining & Quarry Machinery Manufacturing
Mining Machinery Manufacturers
Mining, Quarrying & Construction Machinery Manufacturers
Mortar Manufacturers
Motor & Generator Manufacturers
Motor Parts & Accessories Manufacturers
Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturers
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers
Motor Vehicle Part Manufacturers
Motor Vehicles Trailer Manufacturers
Mould Manufacturers
Musical Instrument Manufacturers
Narrow Fabric Motor Manufacturers
Non-electrical Machinery Manufacturers
Non-electronic Instruments & Applliances Manufacturers
Non-metallic Product Manufacturers
Office & Shop Furniture Manufacturers
Office Machinery & Computer Manufacturers
Office Machinery Manufacturers
Optical & Photographic Equipment Manufacturer
Optical Goods Manufacturers
Optical Instrument & Lens Manufacturers
Orthopedic Surgical Appliances & Supplies Manufacturers
Outerwear Manufacturer
Oven Manufacturers
Paint Varnish & Coatings Manufacturers
Paint Varnish & Lacquer Manufacturers
Paints, Coatings & Other Finishing Product Manufacturing
Paints, Print Ink & Mastics Manufacturers
Paper & Cardboard Products & Packaging Manufacturers
Paper & Paperboard Manufacturers
Paper Stationery Manufacturers
Perfume & Cosmetic Manufacturers
Perfumes & Toilet Preparations Manufacturers
Petroleum Products Manufacturers
Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturers
Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturers
Photographic & Cinematographic Equipment Manufacturers
Photographic Equipment & Supplies Manufacturers
Plant & Machinery Manufacturers
Plastic Manufacturers
Plastic Material & Synthetic Resin Manufacturers
Plastic Packaging Goods Manufacturers
Plastic Plates, Sheets & Tubes Manufacturers
Plastic Product Manufacturers
Plastic Products Manufacturers
Plastics Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers
Portable Power Tool Manufacturers
Pottery Manufacturers
Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturers
Prepared Pet Foods Manufacturers
Pressed Blown Glassware Manufacturers
Primary Plastics Manufacturers
Print Industry Machinery Manufacturers
Printed Circuit Manufacturers
Printing Equipment Manufacturers
Production Of Abrasive Products
Projection Screens Manufacturers & Suppliers
Pump Manufacturers
Pumps & Compressors Manufacturers
Radar Equipment Manufacturers
Radio & Television Communications Equipment Manufacturers
Radio & TV Broadcasting Equipment Manufacturers
Railway Equipment Manufacturers
Raincoat & Waterproof Outer Garment Manufacturers
Ready-mixed Concrete Manufacturers
Record & Magnetic Tape Manufacturers
Refined Petroleum Products Manufacturers
Refractory Ceramic Products Manufacturers
Roller Shutter Manufacturers
Rubber & Plastic Footwear Manufacturers
Rubber & Plastic Goods Manufacturers
Rubber & Plastic Hose & Belting Manufacturers
Rubber & Plastic Products Manufacturers
Rubber Product Manufacturers
Rubber Tyres & Tubes Manufacturers
Saw Manufacturers
Scales & Weighing Equipment Manufacturers
Seal & Joint Manufacturers
Seating Manufacturers
Semiconductor Manufacturers
Service Industry Machine Manufacturers
Sewing Machine Manufacturers
Sewing Thread Manufacturers
Shop Fitting Manufacturers
Shop Fixtures & Fittings Manufacturers
Sign & Advertising Display Manufacturers
Silicone Manufacturing
Soap & Detergents Manufacturers
Soft Drinks Manufacturers
Soft Furnishings Manufacturers
Sound Equipment Systems Manufacturers
Special Purpose Machine Manufacturers
Special Purpose Machinery Manufacturers
Sports Equipment Manufacturers
Sports Goods Manufacturers
Sportswear Wholesalers & Manufacturers
Stainless Steel Manufacturers
Stationery Manufacturers
Steam Generator Manufacturers
Steel Tubes Manufacturers
Stone Products Manufacturers
Storage & Shelving Systems Manufacturers
Surgical Medical Instrument Manufacturers
Sweets & Confectionery Product Manufactuers
Switchgear & Switchboard Manufacturers
T-shirts Manufacturing
Tanks, Containers & Reservoir Manufacturers
Taps & Valves Manufacturers
Television Radio & Video Manufacturers
Television Radio & Video Manufacturers
Temperature Monitoring Systems Manufcturers
Tent Manufcturers
Testing Inspection & Calibration Equipment Manufacturers
Testing, Inspection & Calibration Equipment Manufacturers
Textile Manufacturers
Textile Finishing & Manufacturing
Textile Manufacturers
Textile Manufacturing
Textile, Apparel & Leather Production Machinery Manufacturers
Thermometers & Thermostat Manufacturers
Tile Manufacturers
Tobacco Products Manufacturers
Toiletries & Perfume Manufacturers
Tool Manufacturers
Toy & Game Manufacturers
Toys, Games & Sporting Goods Manufacturers
Toys, Games & Sporting Goods Manufacturers
Trailers & Towing Equipment Manufacturers
Transformer Manufacturers
Transport Equipment Manufacturers
Trolley, Truck & Barrow Makers
Truck & Bus Body Manufacturers
Tube Bending Manufacturers
Tufted Carpet & Rug Manufacturers
Turbine Manufacturers
TV & Radio, Sound & Video Manufacturers
Ultrasonic Equipment Manufacturers
Underwear Manufacturers
Upholstered Wood Household Furniture Manufacturers
Vehicle & Engine Parts Manufacturers
Vehicle Body & Trailer Manufacturers
Vending Machine Manufacturers
Veneer Manufacturers
Veneer, Plywood & Fibre Sheet Manufacturers
Ventilation Manufacturers
Veterinary Equipment Manufacturers
Wallpaper Manufacturers
Wallpapers & Wall Covering Manufacturers
Watch & Clock Manufacturers
Waterproof Material Manufacturers
Weapons & Ammunition Manufacturers
Wheel Manufacturers
Wire Products Manufacturers
Woen Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers
Womens & Girls Blouse Manufacturers
Womens & Girls Dress Manufacturers
Womens & Girls Outerwear Manufacturers
Wood Products Manufacturers
Wood & Cork Manufacturers
Wood & Cork Product Manufacturers
Wood Case & Crate Manufacturers
Wood Pallet & Skid Manufacturers
Wood Partition & Store Fixture Manufacturers
Wood Product Manufacturers
Wooden Container Manufacturers
Wooden Household Furniture Manufacturers
Wooden Product Manufacturers
Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers
Workwear Manufacturers
Woven Carpet & Rug Manufacturers
Writing & Drawing Materials Manufacturers